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A slow fashion label with a love for calm and natural pieces in fresh and earthy hues. With each design, our aim is to expand our world only in ways that feel organic and natural to who we are. To us this means creating a soft and subtle collection of relaxed linen and cotton styles for the height of summer — pieces that allow the barest form of yourself to seep through.

With carefully selected fabrics we pay homage to the inherent qualities of nature and the female body. Sustainable in production and design. Inspired by Natural Light. Architecture. Opinions. Nature. The 90s. Natural Beauties. Designed in Germany. Ethically and sustainably made in Portugal.

Living more simply and consuming less just takes awareness. Anyone can live more sustainably by being mindful of the resources they are using — this only enhances our lifestyle and rarely inhibits it and keeps us closely connected to nature. To us the simple and natural way is, as it has always been, the most beautiful. With our undeniable love for 90s sensuality and natural beauty in mind, we aim to create a calm and natural wardrobe for those with shared values and aesthetic.

Our thoughtfully designed pieces, with their soft and organic feel, come in natural hues and pay homage to the inherent qualities of nature — all pieces that we truly love and will have in our wardrobes for years to come. Sustainable in production and design. Slowly released and made in limited quantities only. Do not be scared to curate your wardrobe over time and pay the most attention to fit and quality. It is very liberating.

Inspired by the undeniable connectionbetween the self and nature, we will tread as lightly on this beautiful earth as we possibly can. When it comes to our designs, we love working with organic cotton, linen, and silk — they are natural, soft, breathable and feel like a second skin. Our fabrics are responsibly sourced and ethically produced by our trusted suppliers to ensure the highest fabric and yarn quality, and as they are made of the earth, they can return to the earth and break down naturally. We truly believe that synthetic standardization cannot achieve what nature creates, that is why we only use recycled synthetics in a very small percentage when the integrity of the garment requires it.

In our designs, we embrace the inherent beauty of natural fabrics with fresh and earthy hues — using eco friendly dying methods to ensure the fabrics remain biodegradable and are safe for both humans and nature. Each order is wrapped in sustainably sourced packaging which is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. We are a proud member of 1% for the planet. Each year we contribute 1% of our annual revenue to non-profit organizations protecting nature and wildlife. Please visit their site to learn more about their work. ‘Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.’ — Frank Lloyd Wright.